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As a client of my historical and genealogical research service, cemetery and historic site photography service, or personal history service you have copyright release to use written reports, digital images, photographic prints, recordings or transcripts that I have produced for you for your personal enjoyment, to share with relatives, and in a genealogical or historical project. This would include use in a printed book, or e-book, for distribution to family members or individuals who are interested in your research, in a printed book, e-book, or periodical distributed by a historical or genealogical society, or in a scholarly journal. You may upload reports, recordings, transcripts (or excerpts), and digital images onto a web site for the purpose of sharing historical or genealogical information. You need no further written release from me to use your reports, digital images, photographic prints, recordings or transcripts for these purposes.

Unless otherwise arranged, I retain permanent copyrights to the reports, digital images, photographic prints, recordings and transcripts I produce. If you submit reports, digital images, photographic prints, recordings or transcripts to any publication or website whose policy is to aquire all rights to materials from submittors, you should inform them that I retain the permanant copyrights, and provide them my contact information so they may contact me regarding further copyright acquisition.

You are also not authorized to use digital images, photographic prints, or recordings for the purpose of selling, commercial distribution, or to endorse a product or service.

If you wish to acquire additional usage rights to any work product I have produced for you, please CONTACT me, and these can be negotiated on a per item basis.

When you use reports, digital images, photographic prints, recordings or transcripts that I have produced for you, you should credit me. If you cite reports you may use any generally accepted method of citation, such as Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Style Manual, Evidence Explained, etc. For photographs, you may either credit me under each photo or other material used, or use one single credit in the foreword, appendix, or other appropriate reference portion of any family or local history book, etc. Please credit me in the following way:

each photo: Photograph by www.historycatcher.com
single credit: Photographs of [describe photos used] provided by www.historycatcher.com

For web site use, you include a hyperlinked credit where a photo appears. Acceptable HTML is:

photograph by <a href="http://www.historycatcher.com/">historycatcher.com</a>

The code will appear on the webpage as "photograph by historycatcher.com" That way people know who took the picture, and also can find my on-line copyright statement.