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Whether you are researching your ancestry, you are a filmmaker or writer researching a script or book, or you need a background report on a particular historical era, person, family, site or location, I can help you. Let my knowledge of public records and archival materials unearth the life stories of your kin, or any historical research subject. Projects can range from simply searching records & obtaining photocopies of documents to more complex topical research and analysis, depending on your needs. I can also assist attorneys, estate administrators, professional genealogists, amateur family historians, reunion organizers, and individuals locate living relatives or descendants through specialized forensic genealogical services, and missing persons investigations.

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I can conduct research in numerous fee based online databases and collections that are worldwide in scope. I travel to county courthouses, libraries, archives, historical societies, cemeteries, or any location of historical significance, and elsewhere on arrangement. I also offer an on-site photography service if you need photographs of cemetery markers, or other historically significant locations. Depending on your needs and the level of cooperation of the person interviewed, I can conduct interviews with cooperative and knowledgable local persons and obtain high quality digital audio recordings, and/or prepare verbatim transcripts, or interview summaries.

Research can be done for a fixed-price, flat fee, or at a reasonable hourly rate. Flat fee projects are often used for specific background research, and narrowly focused research questions with a finite ending. An hourly rate, in pre-arranged blocks of time, may be more suitable for open-ended research projects, including many genealogical research projects. Billable professional time would include research and report preparation. Billable expenses include photocopies, mileage, etc. CONTACT me and explain your research goals, I will help you determine the best option to meet your goals with minimum cost.