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  • Are you researching a family or a historical site in the Tri-State area?
  • Unable to visit, locate, and photograph gravestones or other sites in person?
  • Do you need archival quality photographs of historic landmarks or locations?
Let me locate, research, or photograph them for you! I can provide you with professional results at affordable rates.

Tri State Map

CONTACT me about other areas. Just because a county isn't listed doesn't mean I won't go there. Just ask!

I can photograph headstones, footstones, entire family plots, cemetery entrances and overall cemetery perspectives. I will also research and/or photograph any location that has a historical or genealogical value such as churches, homesites, schools, businesses, streets, landmarks, and historical markers.

Cloyd's Creek Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee


On-Site Cemetery & Historic Site Digital Photography &
Site Research:
Photographs are shot in RAW format with high resolution full frame digital SLR cameras and professional grade optics.

Research to locate cemeteries and graves, or locate historic sites, may be necessary if you don't know your ancestors or relatives' burial locations, or a site's location.

Fees for research, on site photography, and post processing can be quoted on an hourly or per project basis based on the client's needs, and the amount of information provided. Photographs are delivered as high quality JPEGs on a CD.
Digital Photo Files: All images are processed from RAW camera data in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to insure highest quality in the final results. A CD of all photographs in large fine JPEG format is provided and included in the research/photography fee for each project.

Additionally, uncompressed TIFF files, and / or the original RAW (or a DNG) file can be ordered for any image.
Photo Prints:
Many clients prefer to do their own printing, or use local or web based bulk photo printers, however I can provide fine art or archival printing solutions for sizes 8 x 10 and above. Just CONTACT me if interested.
Local History & Genealogical Research: Do you need genealogical analysis or research to ascertain family links between individuals buried in a cemetery, or in depth customized research about the history of a particular location or site, person, family, business, or event? Click HERE for more information.

Richard Stratton - Calderwood Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee

Information to Provide:

Please provide the following information for me to begin a basic on site photography project.

  • Name or description & location of cemetery or other site to be photographed.

  • For cemetery projects, the names of the deceased and if possible, their death date(s) or date range.

If you dont have exact information, tell me what you know and what you want accomplished, and I will give you a research quote.

Pricing & Payment Methods:

Fees and prices are based on the amount of any research necessary to locate graves, the number of cemeteries (or historic sites) visited, and the number of graves photographed, or photographs taken at each site, and can be quoted on an hourly or per project basis. CONTACT me for information about how to pay, by check, money order, or secure online ebill.

Mt. Arnon Cemetery - McMinn County, Tennessee


What is included in an order once a project is completed?

Included would be a research report if any research was necessary, and a CD of large fine JPEGs for all photographs taken during the project. Once you have examined the JPEGs, you may order TIFFs, archival prints, or RAW / DNG files, as needed.

What additional digital files and prints should I order, and in what sizes?

If you are preparing a book and plan to include color photos, you might consider a 16-bit TIFF (or DNG) file for CMYK or prepress purposes for any photo you want to include in such a book.

If you would like to have the best quality prints, I can provide fine art or archival printing solutions for sizes 8 x 10 and above.

Whatever your needs, now or later, you can order any type of print or digital file of any photo at any time after the initial order from my archive of "digital negatives." (RAW or DNG files). Just ASK.

So I can use my photographs in a family or local history book, and on a website?

Yes, you certainly can! Please read the copyright release for complete information.

Could you use film instead of digital if I prefer that?

If you desire, I can undertake a film project (35 mm color negative, black and white negative, or color transparency, using any currently available film stock you prefer) on a special basis. Just contact me and explain your needs and I will give you a quote.

The convenience, lower cost per photo, and instant feedback digital offers, combined with the image quality of today's high resolution digital full frame SLR cameras, professional grade optics, and near endless post processing options in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Apple Aperture, etc. makes digital now preferable, I think, for most types of photography, but if you have special needs, I might be able to accommodate you.

Over the years I have used different film formats, and equipment from many different manufacturers, such as Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Hassalblad, Rolliflex, Yashica, etc.