Forensic Genealogy
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Not been successful finding someone using online "People Finder" sites? I can help you find them!

There are many reasons that a person needs to be located. These include:

  • A missing or lost loved one, friend, or relative
  • Missing witnesses, debtors
  • Former classmates, military buddies, birthparents, birthchildren
  • In some legal proceedings, you need to make a reasonable effort to locate someone, and if they are not found, you must show that a "diligent search" was conducted to support publication service (such as estate settlements, adoptions, etc).

I can also assist professional genealogists, amateur family historians and reunion organizers locate living relatives or descendants. I also offer specialized forensic genealogical services to determine and locate heirs and beneficiaries for estates, trusts, and any other circumstance requiring forensic genealogical analysis. I also can locate former property owners, and/or identify their heirs for "diligent search" purposes in quiet title and reversion investigations, including real property long-term lease expiration matters.

I combine my skills as a certified paralegal, and private investigator with specialized genealogical training, and access to sources not widely available, to find people in situations where the typical online "phone book" search comes up short.

It doesn't matter whether the last known address is five or fifty years old, or older, I can conduct a wide range of searches with our access to thousands of public records databases, sophisticated internet search techniques, and traditional investigative sources and methods. I can often locate difficult subjects with very little to go on--from birth parents to unknown heirs who are being sought in probate cases. Depending on the nature of the search, charges can be based on flat fees, or hourly rates.

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